Friday, July 29, 2011

US to conquer alQaeda?

July 27th, US officials issued a report saying that after the death of Osama bin Laden and many years of CIA efforts, the terrorist group al Qaeda is on the brink of collapse.

There is a widespread view in America that it would take but a small number of additional blows to finish the al Qaeda network off for good.

US officials admit that al Qaeda may yet rally and that their demise would not bring an end to global terrorism but al Qaeda are viewed as the US’s greatest terrorist threat and have been at the centre of their efforts for many years.

Sceptics have dismissed the report, feeling that the US under-estimate al Qaeda and say that the statement was merely a propaganda exercise intended to boost troop morale.

US officials have never-the-less heralded a turning point. Osama bin Laden was the man who charismatically continued to operate the al Qaeda network, kept the focus on attacking America, maintained a huge support base, despite being the most wanted man in the world. With his death, the US feels closer to victory than ever before.

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